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Spiritual As F**k!'s 'The Channel' events with Liz Volpe & Dianne Driscoll, are a series of Exclusive events with some of the world's best Spiritual Trailblazers, and World Changers. Our workshops and events will inspire you, and teach you how to integrate spirituality into your daily life.


We will share real, raw and authentic spiritual stories, and provide you with a safe space to get curious, challenge ‘what’s normal’, and have some serious fun along the way.

Exclusive Events and Workshops 

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17th July I Virtual



Discover your Psychic Superpower!


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Supercharge event

30 minutes to Supercharge your Vibe!

Supercharge Sessions

Virtual I 19th June

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Discover your Psychic Superpower Ft. Debbie Malone

The Channel - 90 Workshop

Virtual I 17th July 

Ground like a Gangsta- Aug.png

30 minutes to Ground like a Gangsta!

Supercharge Sessions

Virtual I 14th August


How to Heal yourself. Ft Claire Besley

The Channel - 90 Workshop

Virtual I 18th September

Calling all Spiritual teachers

We are always on the look out for authentic and inspiring teachers and leaders to run workshops to our community. If you would like to showcase your gifts to a very keen and engaged tribe, this could be your chance!

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"Thank God I found spiritual As F**k!!"

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